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Vava Magnetic Phone Holder

This vava magnetic phone holder for car dashboard is perfect for holding your phone in place while using your laptop or computer. It's made from durable materials to keep your phone safe and secure. The black is perfect for any car.

Vava Phone Holder

There’s a lot of debate over what the best phone holder is for your phone. But our secretoshop has developed a unique phone holder that is perfect for all types of phones. this holder is made out of durable materials that will not only hold your phone, but also will keep your phone from going anywhere it shouldn’t. Plus, it’s a bit of a fashion statement that will make your friends and family admiration from all over. so if you’re looking for a great phone holder that will make your life easier, we recommend checking out our vava phone holder.

Vava Phone Mount

This car phone mount is for the ravpower phone with a magnetic closure. It is made of plastic and has a design that shows a tree with a phone in its center. The mount is adjustable to fit most cars. It requires no hardware or screws, and is easy to clean. this black vava magmural phone holder for car dashboard is perfect for keeping your phone in place when you're traveling. It's made of durable magnetic materials and can hold a range of sizes for a variety of devices. this is a car phone mount that uses magnetic power to hold your phone in place. It is made from durable materials that will not corrode over time. Additionally, the cover can be easily removed for cleaning. With vava, you can be sure that you are getting a quality phone holder that will keep your phone safe and sound. this product is a 2-pack of vava magnetic phone holders. They are compatible with smartphones and are ideal for keeping your devices safe and secure.